“Will you respect the dignity of every human being?” The Baptismal Covenant, BCP p. 305

When a person is in prolonged, deep, and tragic need, the feeling of despair, of being worthless and being deliberately ignored is terrible. That is why we care deeply about how we treat those who are in need who come to St. Luke’s ~ San Lucas seeking help. We, the people, are called to volunteer to do direct service, face to face with the needy. You have to treat the needy person face to face to become truly a compassionate neighbor. You have to show them respect.

We started hands on ministry by members in 2014 with the opening up of daytime distribution hours for our clothing, food, bus passes, and toiletries. This takes place every Tuesday through Friday, from 9:15 to noon, except for holidays. We added some sweet breads from a local vendor. This is a way of transferring dignity to another person, to say, “I trust you to make the best choice for yourself.”

In 2016 we entered negotiations with SHARE to host a women’s shelter in our basement. In 2017 we began hosting up to 12 women in a shelter run by SHARE, called WHAT (Women’s Hospitality And Transition).

We offer English as a Second Language (ESL) in personal tutoring sessions by appointment.