Meet Our Priest

baby whisperer

My name is Jaime Case. People call me “Hi-me”. I have served as Rector of St. Luke’s ~ San Lucas since March 22, 2011. I am a PK and an MK (preacher’s kid and missionary’s kid). I was born in the US, but grew up in the Philippines. In the Philippines, I went to a Bishop Brent’s Episcopal School, a boarding school, and first worshiped with the 1928 prayer book. I returned to the US to live in 1976 when I started college. To this day I speak Ilocano, a language of about 8 million people on Luzon in the Philippines.

I love literature and enjoy history. I have a BA in Spanish and English [1980, Coe College]. As an introvert, I feel most comfortable alone, reading a book, and I read a lot. Amy and I have been married since 1980, and we have three adult children spread around the country. Recently I became a grandfather for the second time. I’m excited about my new role in life.

I have had a really varied ministry in my 20+ years as a priest. I have served as Vicar, Executive Director, Diocesan Canon, Interim Rector and Rector.  I have designed and taught courses at the Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, Texas.

I am in love with the natural beauty and the weather of the northwest, and enjoy cross-country skiing and hiking with my wife on my day off (Mondays). When you come to St. Luke’s ~ San Lucas, I’d like to meet you, so stay for coffee hour and chat a while!